InMode manufactures large number of standard buildings.  Unlike the individual projects, the basic structure, wall construction as well as module height and width are standardised.   Given their identical dimensions, standard building modules can be placed on each other up to three stories.                 We plan each layout individually, according to your wishes and requirements.  Only on the second stage the layouts are introduced in the manufacturing designs, i.e. in separate modules. 
The only requirement concerning the module size that must be adhered to is transportation. Module size, starting from 4m in width and 17m in length requires special transportation.
If, in cooperation with an architect and you, the desirable layout of premises has been already elaborated — our architects and designers will divide your layout by modules and create manufacturing designs.  Afterwards modules, i.e. your building, can be manufactured.
We work keeping the future in mind, therefore we use both tested and recently introduced materials. Depending on demand and building’s structure, various types of elevations can be combined in a practical way.
Our modular structures correspond to all requirements applicable to physical parameters. Heat insulation, energy-efficiency and sound insulation requirements for the building are complied with.
Sound insulation is the most important parameter for schools, buildings with many offices and open offices. Our structures guarantee that the best sound insulation levels will be achieved.